Protective Security Detail Plan

Threat Assessment

The best of our security team were deployed to collect data and gather intelligence that will help us understand the specific imminent risk to our clients during transportation. Our security intelligence team picked up the information that attacks are most likely to occur during the one hour drive between the clients and home and court house and back. An attack is also viable during the press address that the clients plans to have outside the court stairs and this forms the most imminent threat to our clients. Risks facing the client while inside the court house or while still at home is minimal though threats cannot be overlooked. It based on this intelligence information that we have laid our entire protection plan.

Security at home

Though security at the client home has been on high alert for quite a while, this day a lot more caution will be taken. All entry points into his beach property will be sealed off with our security men and will remain under heavy surveillance. This is especially before leaving for and after returning from the court house. To avoid trouble from angry protestors and potential threats setbacks will be elected just incase.

Due to the high profile of the case, we have made arrangement to create a buffer zone around the perimeter of the client’s house. A boundary has been already been defined extending outside of the clients home and identifying potential areas that may provide loopholes for attacks. Threat and vulnerabilities of site have already been identified and our security personnel will take care of these areas.

The client’s house structure has also been thoroughly assessed to eliminate risks of attacks using heavy artilleries. The house will also remain under surveillance from our central communication center, where the most recent surveillance technologies will be put into use. Crash barriers will also be elected to cover the most vulnerable points of the client’s home. This will help prevent attacks in the form of vehicles being crashed into the property.

Security during Transportation

Route Reconnaissance and Sight Advance

The best of our team members will be sent a head of the security detail to conduct a route reconnaissance and a sight advance. A route reconnaissance involves a prior assessment of the entire traveling route to identify any eminent threat or danger (Gideon, 2010). The route reconnaissance team will be very simple as not to draw any attention along the way. Incase a potential threat is presented, an alternative route to the court house has already been identified.

The route reconnaissance team will join the sight advance team and assist in the final preparation and assessment of the destination area prior to the arrival of the client. Our personnel will comb the entire court area for any signs of imminent threat. The area will also be under strict surveillance from our nerve center where they will be closely monitoring movements and will alert ground men incase of any suspicious happening.

Actual Transportation Process

Due to the high profile of the case, modern 4WD vehicles that are fully equipped with state of the art satellite tracking system will be used (Gideon, 2010). We intend to use four identical security vehicles which are armored and have safe rooms. The purpose of using four identical vehicles is to create a diversion so that potential attackers would not anticipate which vehicle our client is riding on. The safe rooms are also built to withstand attack using heavy war artilleries such as rocket launchers.

Our vehicles are also equipped with dureless alarm capability, global positioning system (gps) navigation, back to the nerve center and vehicle to vehicle communication, self recovery capabilities and a first aid kit (Gideon, 2010). The GPS navigation system will enable our team in the control system to track the vehicle incase something happens along the way. Our central nerve center will also be monitoring our convoy and surrounding areas and will issue an alert incase of any threats.

The team in the control center will also inform the convoy incase of any change of threat or concerning the situation on the ground. The vehicle formation will be the usual 1,2, 3 and 4 position but the vehicle in which the client will be in, will keep changing position in the convoy. The drivers are trained to move fast and without any incidents, the principle should arrive at the court house in less than an hour.

The seating arrangement within the vehicle carrying the principle has also been well arranged to ensure a quick evacuation of the client incase of an attack. Incase of any threat, our drivers are under instruction to turn to evasive driving and ensure the principle arrives at a safer place. Incase the attack become severe the security personnel have been armed with pistols and rifles and have been permitted to engage in defensive shooting. The personnel are well trained in principle transfer and can effectively respond to multiple attacks. The primary goal of the security personnel will be to deliver the client to a safe point in case such an attack occurs.

Meanwhile a team will remain on standby at our control center and will be deployed incase of an overwhelming attack on the convoy. The company’s chopper is usually ready for such a drill and incase of an attack the backup will be at the scene in less than 10 minutes.

Security at the Court House

The area outside the court house where the client is planning to talk to the press has been identified as the most risky for our client (Gideon, 2010). By the time the client will arrive at the court house, our sight advance team will already have conducted a surveillance of the place. However, to avoid any surprise incidents, the security personnel will remain in close contact with the principle and all movements around him will be closely monitored. Our personnel will maintain high observation skills and situational awareness techniques. The walking formation has also been carefully decided upon to ensure that the principle does not walk into the crowd. Our security team will also remain ready with client counter control moves. During the court preceding the area around the court will remain under strict surveillance from our ground and control center personnel, who will update the security officers who have accompanied the principle into the court.

Transportation back home after the Preceding

If no threatening incidences will have been report after the court session, similar security arrangements will be adhered to outside the court until when the client is back to his vehicle. We have made plan to change some few routes on our way back. Heavy surveillance from the control center will still be maintained until we arrive to the client’s house. When we arrive at the house similar security arrangement observed when the client was leaving will also be observed until he is safely settled.


Gideon Protective Services (2010). Protective Services. April 18, 2010.


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