Short Argument Paper

Modern society has permitted some children behaviors that have brought serious problems on the children’s health contrary to the past. Children since time in memorial have been disciplined whenever they make mistakes especially by inflicting some pain on their body to make them reform or change their immoral behaviors. This form of punishment is not as superlative as it was initially since human right liberation movement brought a new perspective of punishing children without inflicting physical pain.

Grounding children and denial of some non-basic requirement or luxurious favors is the new form of punishment that has been adopted. Children rights have gone a little further to makes things worse than it was before, since the children take advantage of their freedoms to become stubborn to their elders.

Disciplinary treatment:

Some problems which have come with these freedoms have caused health problems to the children yet they can be cured or through disciplinary actions. Obesity as a health hazard situation can be categorized as one of the medicated problems that can be cured or treated through a disciplinary measure. Curing this disease calls for disciplinary actions by the child in feeding behaviors as well as having scheduled pattern of feeding that supports diet or in other works healthy feeding. By a child eating few fatty foods or foods with little calories is a disciplinary action that the child can observe and avoid some health issues as well as fighting medicated problems.

In addition some infections such as cholera or typhoid diseases which are so common in the developing nations are also medicated diseases that can be considered as discipline problems since some of the children are ignorant of basic instructions such as cleaning hands before eating and after visiting washrooms as well as drinking treated water to avoid contaminated water.


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