Social Diversity

By definition, social diversity is the aspect of having a community that is made of people from different cultures. Social diversity aids in developing the uniqueness that exists in an individual. It helps in determining different aspects of an individual in a given society. Social diversity explains how individuals are different and at the same time shows how an individual is connected to the society. In most cases, it is difficult to handle individuals who are from different social cultures.

Developing a healthy diverse environment in the workplace has always been the greatest challenge among employers as well as employees. As a result of power and status, most individuals are unable to develop one environment that gives them whatever they want. Economic growth has been affected by lack of social interaction simply because different individuals want to do what they want and not what the society calls them to do.

This book introduces an individual on the aspect of social diversity. Development and Social Diversity: The story edited by Eade and Deborah clearly explains the existence of social diversity. The book talks of the core three components on human realties that explain more on social diversity and how different people should behave in their workplace.

This boon talks of the rethinking value of equality. Challenging Diversity by Davina cooper highlights some of the challenges that are believed to have effects on handling radical equality issues.

This book introduces on problems that exist in politics as a result of social diversity. Faces of inequality by Rodney E. Hero give an overview on the political understanding of culture issues on politics point of view.

This book is on society development. Development and social diversity by Mary Anderson is about expectations that individuals expects in an economic development.

This book introduces an individual in forces that affect health environment in a population. Disease and Social Diversity by Stephen J. Kunitz discuses on difference forces such as cultural forces and social forces that develop diseases in an environment.


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