Detonating a bomb is causing the bomb to explode loudly. The bomb was detonated by mixing it with the explosive and the radioactive isotope cesium 137.The professional emergency can consider the radiation dosage to be a person on the scene if the person is near the site. He can also consider the dosage to be a person down town if the person is way from the site (McCullough, 2007).

The person can consider the health of the person after the incident. He should seek medical attention to check if he has some contamination and incurred any injuries.There are several actions that can be taken to control fire in the sited. First, one should take medical attention. People injured by the radiations should be given medical assistance immediately. It is obvious that people will get injuries during the incident. They should be provided with medical attention (McCullough, 2007).

One can use skin and equipment decontamination to prevent internal contaminations. Any one exposed to the explosives or any contamination should seek medical attention. Doctors should identify whether the person has internal contamination. One should not touch the container, but he should look for a place to exit. This is because fire spreads faster. One can use fire extinguishers if they are available to put off the fire (McCullough, 2007).

The effect of radiation depends on the type of radiation, the dose and the time one is exposed to radiation. If one is exposed to high radiations the effects are adverse. It also depends on the type of tissue exposed. Radiation causes adverse effects like poisoning, destructions of body tissues. It also causes destruction to genetic materials and interferes with the psychological functioning of the body. The levels of radiations are high, low and short hand (McCullough, 2007).


McCullough, J. (2007).The Ultimate Guide to U.S. Army Survival Skills, Tactics, and Techniques. Skyhorse Publishing Inc.,


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