Substance Abuse


Drug abuse is defined using harmful substances for the purpose of altering mood. Substance abuse can be defined as making use of illicit drugs or abusing prescription for other purpose instead of the one indicated or directed. Substance use in the society is very broad. Some substances are usually abused because of their effect to alter mood and they are not drugs. There are some drugs which are abused and they do not have an effect in altering the mood. Some of the substances that people abuse are tobacco, alcohol, and many other drugs for complicated and varied reasons.

The extent of abuse is normally seen in the emergency departments and hospitals by damaging the health directly through substance abuse, and it is also linked to physical trauma (Walters, S 2012). Prisons and jails have a very strong connection on drug and crime dependence and abuse. The use of drugs like cocaine has decreased in the recent years but drugs such as club drugs and heroine has drastically increased. Mostly, when there is a conversation about drug abuse people tend to refer to illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are defined as abuse because they have the potential of causing addiction, or they can even cause negative effects to health. Using illegal drugs is abusive and dangerous.

Literature review

There are many trends which have influenced the delivery of services on substance abuse. This program is going to aim at addressing the issue of substance abuse and it will also provide treatment to substance abuse individuals. Treatment of substance abuse has been a very important access for social and public health interventions and it continues to be very essential. The supportive services that this program will provide to the community are child care, transportation, mental health treatment, medical, employment, and family therapy interventions (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). These supportive services will be important in the program as they will help in stabilizing the patients, they will enhance engagement in treatment and retention, it will improve the psychosocial functioning of individuals, and it will also reduce the risk of treating relapse and dropouts.

When developing this program it is essential to identify the characteristics of the client, and the program factors and this will help in determining the amount and the type and supportive services that the program is going to need (Walters, S 2012). The supportive services are going included in the program as they are essential in stabilizing the early phases of the patient in engagement to treatment and recovery. The program aims at increasing the treatment of substance abuse options for the diverse population. The project will provide the best practices, and it will document the outcomes of the program so that the providers of treatment can adapt to culturally proficient methods of treatment. This project will make sure that it maintains contact with clients and support services for 6 months (Berglund, M & Johnson, S 2003).

It is going to identify the barriers to those participants who are accessing treatment, and it will make sure that it works with the community in assisting clients with barriers so that they can keep on participating, and they can complete their treatment. This project will propagate information about the program, but the information will not be limited to community involvement, programming of the lessons learned, and the outcomes of the results. Substance abuse staff members will be trained effectively so that they can work with the population which we are targeting (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). Substance abuse treatment project will be providing two training seminars.

The training seminars are aimed at increasing the sensitivity of the staff members and competence. The number of treatment staff involved in this training is one hundred. There are also some other professionals who will participate in this training. Through training, the staff members will have acquired knowledge and skills which help them identify, and intervene when problems in substance abuse are identified. This will increase the chances of people to get help and it will also broaden their base of treatment (Berglund, M & Johnson, S 2003).

This project is designed for all the populations including, children, women, and men. The program will involve the political leaders, community members, the potential clients, and the local network in assessment of the needs, development and planning of the project. The project will have input from a variety of stakeholders like the community leaders, the political leaders, people with problems in substance abuse, the family members of this people, the social services, the health care services, and the police. The stakeholders will be involved in the project as they will help to provide information about the understanding of the community values and norms.

This people are also contributing to the ownership of the project. This project is essential as it will create a climate of prevention and education. There is a lot of stigma that surround people who have problems with substance abuse (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). This project will use all the drug awareness activities which will involve the community in raising awareness to people with this problem and will reduce this stigma. This project is designed for those people who are in marginalized areas hence being hard for the to reach the station, and those people who need substance abuse treatment services that is more accessible like those people in the hospitals, jails, shelters, and prisons. The project will use peer education to this population.

Peer educators are a good strategy for reaching people particularly in the minority groups like the sex workers, and those who inject drugs into their bodies. People who in the past were injecting drugs into their systems are helpful in trying to reach to this people and also supporting them to change from this habit. This project will also recruit and train women activists within the community who will establish prevention activities into the community and provide support mostly to women who have problem in substance abuse. Substance abuse treatment program has established a networking and cooperation (Berglund, M & Johnson, S 2003).

This program understands the difficulties that women undergo when trying to reach for treatment. Women served by low threshold services are usually very vulnerable and they have very complex needs. This people normally have bad experiences when they are trying to obtain health services, and it is difficult for them to trust the helping professionals. The program has appropriate referral and it makes sure that mostly the women clients are served and received appropriately.

Substance abuse

The global increase on the use of illicit drugs has contributed to the international tension. Then cause of this tension is because of the rapid change in political alignment, reduced community and family cohesiveness, increase of unemployment, increase in crime, and economic marginalization. Substance abuse can be defined as making use of illicit drugs or abusing prescription for other purpose instead of the one indicated or directed. Substance abuse is the number one problem where people are abusing tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

This is one of the serious problems in many countries in the world. This problem is straining the health care institutions, it is causing burden to the economy, it contributes to a very high percentage of death in the world, and also causing health problems. Substance abuse has caused disabilities, deaths, and illnesses (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). According to research Walters, S (2012), it indicates that juveniles are the ones experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and tobacco while at very young age. Children between the age of 12 and 13 are now aware drugs and they also know the places where they can buy marijuana, or know someone who is using illegal drugs. According to Walters, S (2012) he suggests that young adults are the ones using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco that other people in the different age groups.

The impact of long-term abuse on the body of the individual is that it leads to physical problems. The life style of substance abusers is that it leads to indirect illnesses such as malnutrition or sexually transmitted diseases. Substance abuse affects the mental health of the abuser like causing lack of sleep. The general impact of substance abuse to the society is leading to strain put in the medical system. It has to deal with addictions rates that are high and many other illnesses that are associated to the abuse. The legal system also has to deal with the crimes that are related to alcohol and drug abuse. The community has to lose productive members because of substance abuse (Rubin, A & Springer, K 2009).

Substance abuse treatment program is going to be of great advantage to the community as it is aimed at helping substance abusers to recover back to their normal lives. A person who is captivated to using alcohol or drugs need to receive treatment. Drug abuse causes a critical problem in the work place. Because the employer wants to continue increasing output, he also has to attend to the issue of workers who are dealing with drugs. Illegal drugs including alcohol and tobacco cause great problem in the place of work. In certain types of jobs that require constant attention, fine motor skills, immediate attention, and high level of judgment can be disrupted easily by drugs.

Employees who are involved in substance abuse are normally fired from their places of work because drugs disrupt their working ability (Winters, K & Kaminer, Y 2010). These employees then become unproductive thus affecting the society. In order to reduce the high cost of substance use, the employee can do this through performing careful supervision in the job, pre employment appraisal, occasional intervention, and periodic prevention.

Aim of substance abuse treatment project

The aim of substance abuse treatment project is to increase the treatment of substance abusers. The benefit of the treatment program is to enable the abuser to be able to function properly in the community. After the treatment program the individual will be motivated to refrain from alcohol and any other illegal drugs. The program also teaches substance abusers how stay away from drugs and they can be able to cope without using them. Through the program, a person is influenced to becoming a member of the community and be productive instead of draining the resources of the community. This treatment program enabled the officers to control and monitor the behaviors of the defendants and the offenders.

This help the officers in protecting the public and it reduces the risk that substance abusers can commit crimes in the future like resorting to assault or robbery so as to support their use of drugs (Rubin, A & Springer, K 2009). Substance abuse treatment program aims at achieving positive results from this people involved in the treatment procedure. Despite the cost of treatment being expensive, this program will reduce the cost of criminal activities. The substance abuse treatment session will provide the individuals with education and therapies which will help the abusers change their own perception, and be able to completely end the use of drugs.

The expected outcome is that it will have a beneficial impact to the employer. After the clients have attended to the programs, they will have changed from their bad habits like absenteeism (Winters, K & Kaminer, Y 2010). In the workplace we expect the employer to see benefits in a reduction in absenteeism, fewer mistakes, reduced tardiness, few disagreements with the managers, and low job injuries. This program will provide the clients with recovery skills which will enable the client to be able to go back into the society and be able to relate with people (Rubin, A & Springer, K 2009). This program will also work together with the community so that to make sure that they welcome back this people into the society so that they feel loved and accepted. This program will provide treatment to people who are substance abusers. It aims at reducing the rate of substance abuse all over the country so that to help in improving the economy.

Those people who benefits from this program are those who are willing to change from there habit of using substance and change for their best (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). Apart from helping substance abusers in recovery from addiction of substance, this program also provide this people with some funding. This is provided so that they start a new life until they get a job. While this clients are recovering from the addiction, the program help in getting Jobs for them so that they can get something to keep them busy and distracted from thinking anything about drugs. For those children who had stopped learning the help in securing school for them so that they can establish their lives and do follow up.

Funding sources

The funding sources for this program are dependent of the federal, state, and local government. The substance abuse prevention and treatment block grant will provide some funding for the program. This accounts for almost forty percent of the substance abuse treatment programs. This provides supports to the national system of substance abuse treatment programs and services. SAPTBG is an annual grant that is awarded to states. The allotment in this funding are usually founded on weighted population factors. The other source of funding for the program is Medicaid (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). Medicaid usually provides finance for health insurance to beneficiaries who are qualifying. Medicaid is entitled for states and it is financed by the federal and states funds. This program is an authorized Medicaid provider therefore, it qualifies for Medicaid funding (Rubin, A & Springer, K 2009).

The other form of funding is grants. Project for assistance in the transitions from homeless is a grant program that assists states with finance so as to support services for people who are homeless with substance abuse illness and serious mental illness. Service in supportive housing is also a funding source for the program. This program assist in preventing and reducing long term homelessness by providing funds to persons and families that have no where to call home. People who are provided with this funding are usually living with severe substance use disorder. Substance abuse treatment program receives funding from donors, volunteers and we have partnered with some companies that provide the program with f9inancial assistance.


In order for substance abuse treatment program to achieve its goal, the family members, police leaders, the client, the staff members, community, and the care providers need to cooperate with each other. The program should make sure that its activities develop a healthy self esteem. Substance abusers should be assisted so that they can develop self esteem. People with good self-esteem have lower chances of being involved in the risk of substance abuse. The adults and the community leaders should show this people that they value, care and respect them so that they cannot engage in bad behaviors (Galanter, M & Kleber, H 2011). The community should show concern in helping this people adjust to the new environment without neglecting them.

Once the client has completed the treatment program, the staff members should make sure that they provide follow up so as to ensure that the client has completed changed and is not at risk of using drugs again. Some other activities that are necessary so as to make the program achieve its goal is ensuring that they have skill development exercises. Skill development exercise helps the individuals in discovering their potential and they are able to make right choices (Rubin, A & Springer, K 2009). The program will be holding meetings with parents so that they can enlighten on important facts about their children so as to help children avoid the use of drugs. Parents need to help children so that they can develop skills and knowledge useful in making the right choices in life. These skills will encourage the children in making good choices like decision making, communication, problem solving, refusal skills, coping skills, and assertiveness skills.


This program is going to aim at addressing the issue of substance abuse and it will also provide treatment to substance abuse individuals. Treatment of substance abuse has been a very important access for social and public health interventions and it continues to be very essential. Substance abuse treatment program aims at achieving positive results from the clients who will be involved in this treatment procedure. The substance abuse treatment program will provide individuals with education and therapies which will help the abusers change their own perception, and be able to completely end the use of drugs.


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