Suffrage Movement

Social movement is a collection of different people who coordinates their operations in the same direction so as to realize a set goal. The most important aspect of social movement is to develop change in a given situation. In early days, women were seen as house objects where they had no participation assisted in development economy.

The work of women was to say indoors and look after the family. This situation continued for long until 19th century when women developed suffrage movement so as to have their rights. Things totally changed simply because women fought for their rights although some problems in civilization of female gender remained. Women had been kept home for long due to the aspect of male domination and feel of superiority, (Bjornlund, 2003).

Slowly by slowly, women were provided with the right training that assisted them during war time. Suffrage movement that was enveloped by women assisted them in enjoying same opportunities with men something took a long time. Women took the process of transforming in the right aspect, and that is why women were able to accomplish their set goals and objectives. After realizing that they had the power to enjoy about their rights, suffrage movement took a step of assisting the non-whites to get freedom from the white men who used them during the war time. Just like any other movement, suffrage movement aimed at developing social involvement of women in the economy something that assisted in growth important things, (Bjornlund, 2003).

The main problem that made women develop suffrage movement was due to the fact that women were discriminated in different ways as compared to men. Men in the first place had power in all what they did something that prevented women from enjoying same rights with them. The reason why most women were unable to participate in economic growth was because they had no education hence, they could not work in the workplace accordingly.

Another thing was that individuals thought that women had a possession of their husband hence they women had to say indoor. Although it took women long time to realize their dreams, something important is that with the help of effort they applied, suffrage movement played a major role in women transformation, (Bjornlund, 2003).

Men really dominated women, and that was the reason why there were no positions in the society for the so-called women. On the same note, women had a feeling that they cannot deliver something added advantage to men. The movement took long simply because they were many opposing powers as compared to those that were for the change. Most people believed that suffrage movement was based on women related things such as the foundation of sisters.

Acceptance of the suffrage movement recognized that the war was to affect the economy if something was not to be followed. Although it took long to achieve goals, men still feared that women might overturn day to day activities, (Bjornlund, 2003).

Work Cited

Bjornlund, L. Women of the Suffrage Movement. Farmington Hills, MI: Lucent Books, 2003


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