Supply Chain Strategy

Quality products are possessing features that satisfy customer needs. Deprived quality products, or failure to conform to regulations like product safety, can be the basis for business interference; financial loss, costly proceedings, and permanent harm to organization’s brand and corporate image if reliant on SC vendor performance.

Quality crisis may arise during supply chain management from design to raw materials, production, or transportation and often quality focuses on substandard materials or how sound mechanism or finished goods were designed and produced (Jacintho, 2008). Conversely, poor quality social practices of suppliers result to companies with broken status, at satisfactory product quality. Need arises for suppliers’ quality management’s standards to be aligned with companies branding and satisfactory international standards to prevent passing down failure in the marketing line to avoid customer discontent, regulatory noncompliance and public criticism.

Due to increasing cases of revealed poor value products and defective labor performances, companies are progressively setting standard of quality management and worker handling for suppliers (Jacintho, 2008). In addition, the safeguarding of supplier relationship has been founded on contractual conditions of merchant quality management standards. Stern client and global quality management standards necessitate several vendors to devote in civilizing practices, management systems and policies where many adopt international standards like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and the American Society for Quality (ASQ) for valid practices. Security standards are important for haulage, distribution, and logistics firms in the supply chain. Supply chain vendor audits should be used to validate vendor adherence to the required quality management standards (Jacintho, 2008).


Jacintho A. (2008). Managing Supply Chain Quality and Risk: In an Era of Globalization. Retrieved on 04-04-2011 from last updated on 05-12-2008.


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