The Spill


The first thing would be to proceed to the production office and ask them to identify the chemical which had spilled. After that the information that is obtained on the specific spill-out should be relayed to the plant manager who will issue instructions on how the problem will be solved. The team members should make all workers vacate the buildings slowly without causing any commotion. Then all electric powered machines and devices should be put off as well as any other machine that is running so as to reduce any opportunity of fire eruption University of Queensland (2010).

The most delicate issue at the moment is ensuring that no stampede is caused as people vacate the building. Consequently, the level of flammability of the contents which have spilt out may still be pending hence there is more cause for alarm.  The workers should be asked to calm down while none should be allowed to get near the fumes unless they are members of the production department University of Queensland (2010).

The fire department should also be summoned to curb any explosions which may arise later on. They first aid department may prove helpful when it comes to evacuation as well as help in handling the workers who are traumatized by the scenario University of Queensland (2010). Some hazardous organic compounds are highly explosive especially upon exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere. Some have pungent fumes or are possess poisonous fumes such that when they are inhaled, they pose serious health problems. Similarly, the highly flammable organic compounds such as oxides are extremely dangerous in such a situation University of Queensland (2010).


University of Queensland (2010), Fire and emergency procedures. Retrieved on May 24,             2010 from:


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