Planning and Threat Assessment Paper

Threat assessment (TA) is the process of making inferences and calculations of potential future actions on the basis of the present state of affairs and any other accessible intelligence. TA is a repetitive process that assesses the strength of planned and predicted actions based on the assessments made in the previous iteration on a given situation. In this regard, the calculations of object objectives made are long term and it is accurate to create an not obligatory decision that holds true over time. In business, threat assessment is the first step in risk management.

To counter predicted threats, one needs to be fully prepared and fully equipped by attaining skills in training, planning ahead and Disaster information. Planning of any security program is significant in the development and implementation policy that is practical and true to life. Accordingly, a security policy must be adequately extensive and supple, as well as self-motivated to guarantee its efficiency over a period of time. This paper discusses the security details as I have planned them as the head of an eight men group to offer security to an ill senior man who is charged of murder and violation of human rights from his home in Laguna Beach to the courthouse, one hour freeway drive highway.

According to the story provided, this man is a supreme person in his country and being a political aspirant, his opponents, for the same position, are on the loose to commit murder and other crimes in the community which end up being associated with my client and though the police still have not obtained enough supporting evidence, my client got to remain the prime suspect. Such a condition to the rivals is great success on their side since it is meant to dismantle the confidence people have in my client for a leader. The paper mentions the current increase in crime in Laguna and surrounding areas and how people are getting killed through a series of Homicides of white supremacists followers and brutal beating of the clients’ assistance through planning and risk management. My work as the head of an eight man security team is to ensure that my client gets protection from his very house Laguna Beach to the court house and back as well as ensuring that security is observed in his beach estate for all this while and thereafter.

To fulfill this obligation, proper and efficient planning is necessary and it is done at all levels of security organization. Planning is intended to provide more authority over the future and is and it has its objectives decided in advance for the future. In the formulation of this plan, it is important to keep in mind that since my client is a white supremacist, he needs not be forced to change his lifestyle to fit that of his threats as his only worry so far is his image, the cost of his protection and that of his family as well as the inconvenience brought about by such procedures (Fennelly, 2004). Prior to the preparation of the protections plan, it is important that the security objectives be discussed and established and the type of input furnished should correspond to the protection paid for. In this case, the objective is to protect the client, his health, his image, his Laguna Beach Estate and his way to the courthouse and back to his house.

Being a White supremacist, it is expected that he has put so much money for his protection and through risk management; it is important if the security officers weigh the budgetary consideration while striving for maximum security. Planning goes a long way in the establishment of goals and structuring them in a logical order all the while ensuring that they provide the realistic view of expectations. In this case, the required planning is just the relevant for two hours as the distance between the court and the clients house is too large. The eight security individuals are the top graded personnel who can handle any situation as at any point of time as per the concerned philosophy. Why the top eight is because of the latest series of or related homicide of white supremacists followers and brutal beating of his chief assistant. As per the newspaper and other media, it is speculated that several victims have been linked to my principle police principal and that police suspect a rival white supremacists group as among those vying for the political power within the movement (Pressman, AIA, and SMA, 2007).

Here, the successful operation requires the plan as the most significant and critical. Dedicating time to come up with a wide-ranging plan will not promise success , although lack of a sound preparation will , with highest certainty, guarantee failure In this case the threat is possible attack on the professor , both at home and at court . Furthermore there is a chance of threat on the one hour driveway too (Pressman, AIA, and SMA, 2007). A look at the clients physical condition brings up one of the four parameter of the security in transit to be offered and that is medical assistance throughout the outdoor processes like the duration being in the court and in transit.

The other three parameters include the precautions on the vehicle, the driver, and the subject’s security as a whole (Fennelly, 2004). Since the transit is a one day event, it is important that the Medical assistance be planned and organized for at court and during the transit as the subject is denoted as being exceptionally ill. Making matters worse, fundamentalist religious groups, new organizations, white supremacist groups, and civil rights groups, will have the largest number present at the courthouse, all in objection of a trial that seems to be very moving.

According to Fennelly (2004), the most vulnerable areas of such a client are especially while driving. It is therefore important that one of my men takes control of the wheels as the client goes to the court and back. He is expected to remain in the car and keep an eye on the car and any other suspicious incident to on the client’s car. In addition, the vehicle to take him there must be inspected to ensure that it is in its excellent condition and revamped by a dependable company, additional equipment for protection installed including an easy to hear alarm system that announces tampering at the rear, case, door, window areas as well as in the interior allowing activation by the driver or the passenger.

For on the way security, the car’s registration should be anonymous as well as the parking rot in the court compound. The fuel tank must remain at least half tank full to facilitate flee on any attack. If possible, the chauffer or driver should receive information of the destiny of the executive along the way and not on departure and they should lock the door all the time after everyone is in the car and neither should they use the same route to and form the hospital. In case of any suspicion that one is being followed, the chauffer or driver must inform others immediately by explaining the direction he is heading, where they are located and where possible, the plate number of the following vehicle (Fennelly, 2004).


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Information from the case study provided.


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