Investigating Wireless Industrial Espionage

In the current world of technology one of the greatest challenges with businesses is dangers with hackers of information. Most organizations face challenges in protecting their business from outside intruders. Wireless industrial espionage has been a great concern in most organizations. In order to secure your wireless for safe usage, there are some steps suitable to determine whether there are cases of outside intruders or not. In the case above, the following steps are suitable in developing a sound investigation on wireless industrial espionage, (Nist. 2007).

The first step for the above forensic investigation is to determine whether there is an intruder who is being suspected to interfere with customer’s information. This will help in developing a strategy on how to develop an investigation. Having realized that there is an outsider who hacks information for the customers; identify the nature of the secrets that customers may be loosing. The FBI act provides directions on determining what information is secret and that which is not.

The third step is to develop a plan that secures your wireless network from individuals who are believed to be threats to the company as well as to the customers. This can be done using updated software for securing networks. After the plan has been developed, provide training to the employees as well as customers on how to secure their machines whenever they are using the company’s network, (Nist. 2007).

For the above case, there are two main techniques that are applicable in developing evidence. Network intrusion detection system is one of the techniques for gathering evidence. This method is suitable simply because it helps in analyzing all the network events carried in a given period. Apart from that, Host Base intrusion detection system is another technique suitable in developing evidence. The reason for this technique is that it analyzes all events carried out in the host computer, (Nist. 2007).

Sleuthkit and rootkit hunter are among the useful tools forgathering investigation.


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